SIS GO Electrolyte - 1600g

di SIS - Science in Sports
Descrizione del prodotto

Go Electrolyte is a perfect fuel for endurance sports - it combines fast absorbable carbohydrates (maltodextrin, fructose) with basic minerals needed to keep your endurance performance at the highest level.  Go electrolyte promotes fluid absorption, delivers energy to active parts of the body, and depletes the lost glycogen. It also helps to prevent muscle cramping - electrolytes are adjusted to achieve the perfect isotonic solution what results in improved muscle contractions, With this hydration drink you will get your full potential out, no matter if you are a cyclist, a runner, a triathlete, a swimmer or a martial artist. One of the key features of  GO Electrolyte is also that it goes easy on the stomach - drinking easily digestible hydration drink is key changer during long-lasting high-intensive activities..

"Perfect fuel for long-lasting endurance activities - a combination of selected carbs and electrolytes - which increases the body's own ability to absorb fluid ."


Vantaggi del prodotto
    • Supplies energy during long-lasting activities
    • Increases the body's own ability to absorb fluid
    • Prevents muscle cramping
    • Depletes the lost glycogen
    • Lowers the stress hormones
    • Suitable for vegans
    • 40 servings x 40g 
Uso raccomandato

Add 2 scoops of powder to 500ml of water and consume every 45-60min of endurance activity.


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