Scivation BCAA - 30 servings (with electrolytes and glutamine)

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Scivation BCAA - the best-selling amino acids in the world that started the trend of amino acids! Scivation Extend was developed under the eye of Dr. Layne Norton. The perfect blend of amino acids and electrolytes that taste delicious and mix perfectly.  They've got as much as 3.5g of leucine. For regeneration, there is also 2.5 g of glutamine and 1171 mg of electrolytes, which provide hydration during training and a gram of citrulline for better blood flow and muscle strength. Everything the body needs for better endurance, strength, and the development of functional muscle mass! They contain 7g of the three most important anti-catabolic amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine). By using Scivation BCAA, you will prevent catabolism during training and consequently reduce muscle fatigue, shorten regeneration after exercise, and in the long run also ensure greater efficiency and density of lean muscle tissue. Not only do they contain much more leucine, the amino acid with the most anabolic profile than other products, there is also vitamin B6 for normal metabolic function, electrolytes for hydration, and glutamine for regeneration. Find out why Scivation BCAAs are the best-selling BCAAs in the world. It also has an NSF certificate, which ensures that the product is constantly monitored by an independent institution that takes care of food safety, and an Informed Choice certificate, which ensures that the product is doping-free and contains exactly what is written on the packaging.

"Informed choice certificate, which ensures a doping-free product and that what is written on the packaging is really in it. NSF certified to ensure that the product is safe and from trusted ingredients. Most leucine, glutamine, and as much as 1171mg electrolytes are the reason why Scivation BCAAs are the best selling BCAAs in the world."

  • Prevents against muscle breakdown
  • Prevents exhaustion
  • Protect muscle mass
  • 3,5g Leucine
  • Informed Choice and NSF certified
  • With added electrolytes
  • Splendid taste
  • Great Mixability
Suggested Use

Mix one or two scoops with any amount of water and ingest during, before, or after your workout.



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