Pure Beauty - A refreshing drink with collagen

di AK47 Labs

The German manufacturer AK47 Labs presents a refreshing collagen drink with added vitamins and minerals and amino acids. The product is intended primarily for ladies, but there is nothing wrong with men reaching for it. 

In addition to collagen, the product also contains manganese, which is usually found in good multivitamins and is one of the key elements for healthy bones. Vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant, the amino acids glycine and lysine, and vitamin B12. Vitamin C is essential for good collagen absorption, and in combination with lysine, this powerful antioxidant provides well-being. 

"Pure Beauty is a refreshing collagen drink that maintains healthy joints and bones and, above all, ensures a healthy and youthful appearance of the skin, bones, and hair."

  • 20 servings
  • Helps restore joints and cartilage
  • For better regeneration, especially in advanced years
  • For beautiful healthy hair and nails
Suggested use

Drink 1 scoop (10g) as a refreshing beverage during the day



collagen proteins, lysine, glycine, inulin, acidity regulators (citric acid), aroma, vitamin c (as ascorbic acid), colorant (beta carotene), sweetener (sucralose), magnesium gluconate, B12. Net: 200g. It is not a substitute for a balanced diet. Do not enjoy it if you are pregnant. Keep out of reach of children. May contain traces of nuts, eggs, soy, fish, celery, mustard seeds, gluten or soy

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