MTS Outright Bar 60g - gluten free protein bar without polyols

di MTS Nutrition
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Product summary

MTS Nutrition Outright Bar is the most delicious protein bar in the world. It is distinguished by a delicious soft taste based on peanut butter, 15g of whey protein isolate, and completely natural carbohydrates (oats, honey, and sugar). NO polyols (sugar alcohols) that would destroy our intestinal flora and digestion, no bloating, no stomach problems, and no gluten. The product is also free of prebiotics and glycerin, which is found in many protein bars on the market. More for a joke, though. Even Steve Austin says this is his favorite chocolate bar.

"60g protein bar, which even our team can't resist. With 15g of whey protein isolate and free of harmful artificial carbohydrates and gluten, it is an ideal meal replacement, a convenient companion on the road, or a regenerative meal after training."

  • 15-16g protein from whey protein isolate
  • Without polyols
  • Free of prebiotics and glycerin
  • Perfect as a meal replacement
  • Based on a peanut butter and honey
  • Delicious taste
Suggested use

Take Outright Bar as a meal replacement or after workout meal. 


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