Spirulina 500mg - 180 tab

di Swanson
salva 23%

Spirulina from Swanson is a well-known superfood from algae sp. with excellent composition, high in protein, vitamins and minerals/electrolytes.  It was originally used by astronauts to replenish microelements in mid-air, but nowadays we use spirulina to optimize both sugar and fat metabolism, boost the immune system, increase healing processes, optimize cholesterol ration and in general, decrease fatigue due to the fast lives we are leading. It is widely used by athletes since it is very high in protein (up to 65%) with all 8 essential amino acids present. Furthermore, it doesn't contain cellulose so it is 85-85% bioavailability - this means that its absorption rate is four times higher than that of beef. Enjoying organic Spirulina provides you with numerous benefits


"Spirulina is natural superfood full of plant proteins, amino acids, and micronutrients - first used by astronauts for their midair staying, now available in 100% organic pressed tab form."


  • Optimizes sugar and fat metabolism
  • Lowers cholesterol
  • Promotes erythropoiesis - ideal for anemic individuals
  • Increases the rate of wound healing
  • Increases the rate of wound healing
  • The natural source of chlorophyll which detoxifies the organism
  • Exerts strong antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory influence on cell health
Suggested Usage

Divide the dosage into 3 smaller doses (morning, noon and evening) with a glass of water. Effective dose is 4-6 tabs a day.



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