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Reg-N is a recovery drink developed by athletes for athletes. It is based on the latest scientific evidence and contains only the ingredients that help with the recovery process and nothing else.

What you get in a serving of Reg-N?

30 g of protein - for optimal recovery of muscle tissue and enhanced adaptation for training.



50g of different carbohydrate types - for optimal carbohydrate storage. Replenishing liver and muscle glycogen simultaneously.


Added electrolytes - 2270mg of total electrolytes added for the most effective rehydration.



We are the first in the world to introduce a maltodextrin and fructose mixture in the ratio of 1: 0.8 (maltodextrin: fructose) into the recovery drink. By combining twese two carbohydrates, replenished of both muscle and liver glycogen stores is optimised. In addition to benefits on storage capacity, this combination is also friendlier for the digestive tract, which is usually already extremely irritated after exercise (due to the consumption of large amounts of glucose, gels, bananas, almonds).

The Reg-N Prototype was designed to work synergistically with the Ndure 900g Prototype energy drink with the same carbohydrate composition. It also contains electrolytes, which are required for effective fluid balance restoration. The electrolytes ratios are adjusted sweat losses, so that you give the body what it needs after exercise. 


The doctrine in the physiology of sport is ever changing - preparations for long races (Olympic triathlon and others) are no longer aimlessly trying to reach a certain mileage, but training is these days is very structured and includes very hard work. To-date, recovery drinks contained only a large amount of carbohydrates (up to 4: 1 or even 5:1 - carbohydrates:protein ratio) - the new Reg-N contains 50g of carbohydrates and as much as 30g of whey protein of exclusively British origin. The product is designed in a British factory with a long standing tradition. NDURANZ is proudly manufactured in the UK, in Informed-Sport registered facilities with over 25 years of experience of working in the sports nutrition sector. All NDURANZ products are ISO 9001; 2015 and GMP certified.



The Reg-N regenerating drink was developed for cyclists, runners, triathletes, swimmers, soccer players, hockey players - anyone who drinks chocolate milk or a non-optimal recovery drink after a workout, but would like to recover quicker and more effectively. It is often forgotten that recovery is the sole basis for sports progress - if we train regularly and more intensely, our progress will be better. If you have used a recovery drink so far and you train at least 4 times a week, you will feel the difference with Reg-N, as the availability of micro and macro nutrients will be much greater.

Improving recovery is important for another reason - if we give the body the nutrients it needs, the body will also stop releasing stress hormones that are associated with catabolism and suppression of the immune system. Appropriate balance of hormones (cortisol vs. testosterone ratio) is also a condition for endurance training, as strength is an important component of progress.

Reg-N does not contain low-quality sources of protein (soy), it is free of flavour enhancers, artificial sweeteners or preservatives.

"Reg-N's prototype was developed for optimal regeneration and replenishment of both muscle and liver glycogen stores. With a 100% whey concentrate of British origin with a high BCAA content (30g protein per 50g of two-component carbohydrates) and added electrolytes, it shortens the regeneration period to a minimum - but does not contain any flavor enhancers, sweeteners or preservatives." 

Product benefits
  • Shortens the regeneration period to a minimum
  • Maltodextrin: fructose ratio 1: 0.8 to replenish muscle and liver glycogen stores
  • Especially suitable for interval training and training where total exhaustion of glycogen stores is expected
  • It strengthens the immune system during the "window" period, as it quickly restores stress hormones and other blood parameters to normal levels
  • With added electrolytes, it helps in the optimal functioning of the musculoskeletal system
  • Prevents stress-related muscle catabolism, which continues after training in case of inadequate regenerative nutrients
  • Ingredients of exclusively British origin
  • Doping-free (WADA)


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